"Flatwoods Monster" (SMK - 03)


Space Monster Kid

"Flatwoods Monster" (SMK - 03)

Tiny Bird Press would like to introduce you to our newest artist, Bert.

From Bert...

"When I first saw the pictures that went along with the story of the Flatwoods Monster as a kid, I thought how could anyone be scared of THAT thing? It looked silly.

But then, as I got older and researched it more and found out more about the incident that took place in Flatwoods WV, on Sept. 12th, "Braxxie" started to become one of my favorite cryptids of all time.

This print is a my interpretation of what those 7 brave souls saw that day. I hope you enjoy it!"

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"Flatwoods Monster" (SMK - 03)

•Hand-printed serigraph

•18″ x 24″

•Edition of 70

•Printed with water based, non-toxic fluorescent ink

USPS Priority shipping in a sturdy tube.

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