"Lift-off" (SMK - 02)


Space Monster Kid

"Lift-off" (SMK - 02)

Tiny Bird Press would like to introduce you to our newest artist, Bert.

From Rob...

“He’s a childhood friend of mine who creates art under the moniker Space Monster Kid.  We both grew up in the same Chicago neighborhood, and went to the same school together.  We bonded over our love of monsters and cryptids.”

“Then something happened in his life and one day, he was just... gone.

We re-connected again decades later when I was home in Chicago in 2020, via the magic of the inter-webs.”

“A hard-working, midwestern creative, Bert had started experimenting with making collage art during his free time while in quarantine. He showed me some of the work he’d been doing. I asked what he was planning to do with it and after a lengthy discussion, we settled on having Tiny Bird publish it.”

“We both hope you enjoy his artwork!“



"Lift-off" (SMK - 02)

•Hand-printed serigraph

•18″ x 24″

•Edition of 50

•Printed with water based, non-toxic fluorescent ink

USPS Priority shipping in a sturdy tube.

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Domestic orders only, at this time.